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CF: Re: Crossfire: gaining wisdom experience

> Robert writes:
> Servio told me he had asked you about a problem we have been having
> with Crossfire 92.4.  For example, my wizard can't seem to get any
> wisdom experience.

	Yeah, still chasing this bug down, as I wrote to you earlier
	I havent been able to cause this to appear in some time;
	I am not sure that the bug is fixed however. 

> To the best of my knowledge we have failthfully applied all
> patches. Also, we are using the library and the alchemy code. I even
> recompiled the game installing these above additions in the
> recommended order, to no avail.

	I ran your character tonight -- you only have 2 cleric spells
	that can gain priest exp -- "cause serious wounds" and 
	"staff to snake". The former is pretty high level spell, so 
	it is not a possibility for you to cast (yet). I used the 
	later spell to kill a couple of orcs...and got the experience
	for them. I recogmend that you persue learning some more 
	(lower level!) clerical spells that can kill stuff, ie
	"holy word" and "cause light wounds". At low levels, the 
	best way to gain priest exp is to worship either Gnarg
	and cast "cause light wounds" or worship either lythander
	or God and use the "holy word" spell (on the enemies of 
	those gods of course :). I have found that "satan" and 
	"Mostrai" are pretty wimpy gods to worship, although at 
	high levels (8+) you can summon some cool stuff if you 
	worship satan.

	As far as bugs go, I did notice that the invoke "heal minor
	wounds" didnt appear to work right, I'll try to fix that 
	and send out a patch later this evening. I would appreciate
	it if you could upload your friends priest character for 
	me to examine too. 

					Thanks again, -b.t.