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CF: Major bugs in 92.2


   I found the following bugs in 92.2; it may or may not been fixed in later

   faces[] is an array of MAX_ANIMATIONS=64 which is not enough to load
   archetypes torch...When the array is written out of bound, compiling
   under -O will cause a memory trampler (it will cause a core dump when
   compiled under -g)
   FIX: 1. Increase MAX_ANIMATIONS=512 or create dynamic memory allocation
        2. Put the following hook to stop the program from continuing:
           line 841:

      if (anim_start>MAX_ANIMATIONS) {
         fprintf(stderr,"load_object: anim_start > MAX_ANIMATIONS (%d)\n",MAX_ANIMATIONS);
   any spells that call get_pointed_target will crash the game if the direction
   is not given (ie: pressing the '.')
   FIX: 1. return appropriate value if direction not given
           line 1870
  if (dir==0) return ((object *) NULL);

Who knows how many timebombs are still ticking...