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Re: Crossfire 0.92.4 released.

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Mark Wedel wrote:

> There is not that much added functionality in 0.92.4.  It is largely a patch
> release.  It seems pretty stable - I have played it for numerous hours without
> a crash.  Look at the CHANGES file in crossfire-0.92.4.tar.gz for a detailed
> list.

Has anybody compiled it with success ? I'm not able to do it...
1/ I untar crossfire-0.92.4.tar.gz
2/ I edit config/crosssite.def and include/config.h
3/ xmkmf -a
4/ make

Then I get many errors because in include/define.h NROFGODS is 5 instead 
of 6 and NROFSPELL is 19 instead of 20.

Then I got loads of linking error, because there's a lot of includes in 
the .c files.
For example, config.h is not included (directly nor indirectly) in many 

Any help availlable ?