Yuli -

If you are just going to browse the web and shop - then the laptop that 
you currently have is more than adequate. I have a 7-8 year old laptop 
with 2 GB ... maybe it's 4 GB of RAM with Ubuntu 18.04 on it and it is 
just fine. If I was to install a linux OS on a home laptop again, I 
think I would go with Linux Mint or Elementary OS. I have Linux Mint on 
a laptop that I use for work when I travel and it is just fine for all 
the basics. It boots nicely and I only have a couple of minor complaints 
(haven't figured out how to turn off the touchpad via the function keys 
or system).

I normally download an ISO, burn it on a DVD, then boot to the DVD and 
perform an install that way. I have download numerous copies of Ubuntu, 
Linux Mint, etc. and have never run into a real problem. I have also 
downloaded and installed from a USB drive when I did not have a DVD 
drive as part of the system. The only thing there is you have to hop 
into BIOS to set it to boot from the USB.

If you want to get a different laptop, I would just look for something 
off of eBay or from a family member that isn't using it anymore (i have 
2 from my son). I wouldn't pay more than $100 if you just want to browse 
the web, etc.

Good luck.


On 2/3/20 8:20 PM, YOEL Kornblum wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking to buy a Linux laptop and I wonder if anyone has any 
> recommendation as to what and where to buy it.It is for home use so 
> cost is a factor.
> Another option that I am thinking about is to use my HP ProBook 450 G1 
> with Windows 7 laptop to install Linux on it instead of Windows 7.It 
> is about 4 to 5 years old computer.I noticed that the installation is 
> done online when I visited one site.Any safe place for download and 
> install?The last time I did it was with Red Hat disks.
> Thanks,
> Yuli Kornblum
> ykornblum at msn.com
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