I prefer Dell laptops. You can get great prices through the Dell outlet
site for used and refurbished computers, Dell has used the same, or similar
power adapters for years, so there are lots of options on purchasing or
reusing additional adapters, they are pretty robust, and tend to hold up
well. I have had pretty decent luck installing Linux on them -- you just
need to make sure that the major components all have Linux support -- just
google the wifi card, and the video cards to see what support is like.

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 8:48 AM Iznogoud <iznogoud at nobelware.com> wrote:

> Linux virtualizes much better than Windows (although Windows 7 is pretty
> good
> at it). So, if you can live with Windows and you can keep it healthy, just
> virtualize the Linux side.
> I do not do that. I run Windows stuff over WINE.
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