> If you are just going to browse the web and shop - then the laptop that
> you currently have is more than adequate. I have a 7-8 year old laptop with
> 2 GB ... maybe it's 4 GB of RAM with Ubuntu 18.04 on it and it is just fine.
in my experience the difference between 2gb and 4 is significant on today's
web.  2gb is fine on easy web pages, but hit some pages with all the
dancing ads and 2gb gets heavily into thrashing.  go wild with google maps
or especially google earth and even 4gb ends up thrashing.  tho,
interestingly, contrast all that with the nullschool wind map, it cleverly
responds with elegant agility in well under 2gb.

> If I was to install a linux OS on a home laptop again, I think I would go
> with Linux Mint or Elementary OS. I have Linux Mint on a laptop that I use
> for work when I travel and it is just fine for all the basics. It boots
> nicely and I only have a couple of minor complaints (haven't figured out
> how to turn off the touchpad via the function keys or system).
just lay a postcard over it.

I am looking to buy a Linux laptop and I wonder if anyone has any
recommendation as to what and where to buy it.  It is for home use so cost
is a factor.

check in at free geek.  they recycle electronics, install linux, and
resell.  good prices, very helpful, they've been happy to take apart and
diagnose machines i didn't even buy there as i watch for no charge.  tho
whenever they get laptops they go quickly, so you have to be patient and
proactively keep checking.
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