You are welcome. Wait for Randy's advise; I trust his judgement.

That ehternet cable that comes from the modem is the LAN of what we were
calling modem+router. You would plug that into the second router's WAN and
you should be in business.

This long-distance wireless internet sounds exciting. Reminds be of HAM radio.
Try a few things to get more info. See what the IP of one of your systems on
the LAN is. Then, see if you can direct a browser to the "gateway" IP of that
system on the LAN. Chances are that the LAN side of the radio has functionality
similar to the cable/DSL modems.

What I do know is that more ports is better than fewer... obvoiusly.

But I also know that you can have one router connect to another, which you can
purchase later, to augment the set of ports. You just have to configure one
to let the other do the DHCP assigning of addresses, or something simple like