On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 5:09 PM, Iznogoud <iznogoud at nobelware.com> wrote:
> You are welcome. Wait for Randy's advise; I trust his judgement.
> That ehternet cable that comes from the modem is the LAN of what we were
> calling modem+router. You would plug that into the second router's WAN and
> you should be in business.
> This long-distance wireless internet sounds exciting. Reminds be of HAM radio.
> Try a few things to get more info. See what the IP of one of your systems on
> the LAN is. Then, see if you can direct a browser to the "gateway" IP of that
> system on the LAN. Chances are that the LAN side of the radio has functionality
> similar to the cable/DSL modems.

I've tried and I am not able to connect. The ISP has things locked
real tight - - -  likely
because if I could access it I might also be able to up the
communication throttle - grin!
> What I do know is that more ports is better than fewer... obvoiusly.
> But I also know that you can have one router connect to another, which you can
> purchase later, to augment the set of ports. You just have to configure one
> to let the other do the DHCP assigning of addresses, or something simple like
> that.
As I know I need more ports I was asking if the managed switch would
give the same
functionality. It sounds like not quite so its still needing a second
router AND the switch.