On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 4:39 PM, Iznogoud <iznogoud at nobelware.com> wrote:
> This may help picture the situation in series. Trace the route to umn.edu from
> my home desktop:
> iznogoud at bigpapa:~> traceroute umn.edu

This I found quite interesting so I asked my box - - -grin (I hope I'm
trying the
right things!!!)

I picked on google.com (26 hops to get there!!!!)
1. router.asus.com (
2. host###-###.xxxxxxxxxxx.com (ip address)
3. out of IP to something else!
> The first is the D-Link WAN. The second is the, which is
> the modem+router LAN, and this is also the gateway address of the D-Link's WAN.
> The D-Link's WAN has an IP like or something like that.
> Say the WAN of the DSL-model+router dies. The D-Link will have the 192.0.1.*
> link dead, but the 192.168.0.* network will work just fine. All your computers
> will live in that network and will work fine.

I hadn't tried this procedure before - - - thanks for the 'education'!

Thanking you for your assistance!!!!!!!!!!