I would try using some kind of  of latency monitoring. I personally use



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> On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 12:46 PM, Adam Barthelemy <adam at askewview.net>wrote:
>> With issues like this I like to take a look at multiple pings.
> Great advice - I just wanted to note that "mtr" is a great tool for this.
> I'm guessing that most on this list are familiar with it, but for those
> that aren't, mtr is more or less gives you a "live" traceroute, showing
> latency to each hop along the route to your destination. As such, this will
> automatically show latency to your default gateway, along with every other
> router along the way (modulo MPLS tunnels, which can hide routing hops, but
> that's another discussion).
> -Erik
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