Adam wrote:
> So I'm looking at switching ISPs for my DSL line. That of course means 
> I'll be having to change IPs.
> I run my own web/email/dns server off of this connection. Its the 
> primary DNS server for a few domains I have. I'm wondering what the best 
> way of transitioning from one network to the other would be.

It's likely not going to be a seamless transition, unless you're going 
to have 2 DSL connections running at the same time. You'll just have to 
change your name server with your registrar once you get your new IP. 
This will mean your web and email will be out for a couple days, email 
should queue up at the sender side, so that won't be an issue, long as 
you don't mind your web server being down.

Alternatively, you could sign up for a virtual linux host, Real-Time has 
  them as well as many others, and use that as your primary mail/web 
host during the transition. You could also use it as your 
primary/secondary mail host and your home connection as your 
secondary/primary, thus giving a little redundancy.