Before the switch, couldn't you just turn the cache time on the
domains to something like 10 seconds? Then after the switch move it
back up.

I only throw this out as an option because if your running it on a DSL
connection, it probaly does not get a ton of traffic and thus it
probaly won't kill your DNS server.

As far as dealing with the outage while your waiting for your domain
registrar, I don't know...


On 11/14/05, Adam <adam at> wrote:
> So I'm looking at switching ISPs for my DSL line. That of course means
> I'll be having to change IPs.
> I run my own web/email/dns server off of this connection. Its the
> primary DNS server for a few domains I have. I'm wondering what the best
> way of transitioning from one network to the other would be.
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