On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 07:01:11PM -0600, Josh Welch wrote:
> Adam wrote:
> >So I'm looking at switching ISPs for my DSL line. That of course means 
> >I'll be having to change IPs.
> >
> >I run my own web/email/dns server off of this connection. Its the 
> >primary DNS server for a few domains I have. I'm wondering what the best 
> >way of transitioning from one network to the other would be.
> >
> It's likely not going to be a seamless transition, unless you're going 
> to have 2 DSL connections running at the same time. You'll just have to 
> change your name server with your registrar once you get your new IP. 
> This will mean your web and email will be out for a couple days, email 
> should queue up at the sender side, so that won't be an issue, long as 
> you don't mind your web server being down.
> Alternatively, you could sign up for a virtual linux host, Real-Time has 
>  them as well as many others, and use that as your primary mail/web 
> host during the transition. You could also use it as your 
> primary/secondary mail host and your home connection as your 
> secondary/primary, thus giving a little redundancy.

If you set up your DNS elsewhere - and there's lots of free options
available like everydns.net..  Then you could have it changed at the
registrar in advance, with a low TTL on the records.  If you did that,
you could limit your downtime to a matter of minutes (or the amount of
time it takes you to fix any "accidents" qwest makes).

The other thing is, I recall they removed the 24h transition time in
changing your DNS records at the registrar.  It's really quick now (not
sure I can give an estimate, but not more than a couple hours).  Of
course you still have to make sure your TTLs are low.