On Sunday 01 December 2002 10:02 pm, Garrett Krueger wrote:
> Often I will put up the following partitions:
> /        0.5 gig - 1 gig
> /var   2 gig - 10 gigs   (depending upon how much space you will use for a
> web server)
> /usr   everything else
> For small (or no) web servers, 2 gigs on /var is great, but for large web
> server requirements, I'd go closer to 10 gigs.

In some cases you will still have some home directorys in /home that get used 
to some degree, you may want to increase the size of / or give /home its own 
partition.  Its always best to do a little research in how you think it will 
be used (web servers with no user accounts that store their data in /var dont 
need much of a /home )

Jay Kline