Often I will put up the following partitions:

/        0.5 gig - 1 gig
/var   2 gig - 10 gigs   (depending upon how much space you will use for a web
/usr   everything else

For small (or no) web servers, 2 gigs on /var is great, but for large web server
requirements, I'd go closer to 10 gigs.

Garrett Krueger

Brady Hegberg wrote:

> I mainly have experience with setting up webservers and the Redhat
> default server partition setup is pretty good for that but I've had
> trouble with a couple things:
> 1.  Redhat makes /var very small which isn't so bad except a few apps
> like to put their data in /var (like mySQL and Apache.)  So if you want
> to leave those in the default places I'd give /var at least a couple
> gigs.
> 2.  Even if you make /var big enough eventually something will happen
> that will make one of your log files go crazy and fill up your entire
> /var partition which will kill any applications (mySQL) that use it to
> store data.  So I'd think seriously about giving /var/log it's own
> partition off someplace where it can't take any other processes down
> with it.
> I'd be interested to know how other people handle this stuff.  I suppose
> a production database should usually run on it's own partition but it
> seems like overkill when the database is 5MB and not growing.
> Brady
> > Can someone please give me some advice partitioning a Red Hat 8.0
> > install?
> > I have a 60Gig hard drive and want to do a server install.
> > EventuallyI want to add VMWare for several Windows versions.  I am
> > confused as to the amount of space and how many partitions.
> > Thank you
> > Chuck Licha
> >
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