Hi all,
Thanks for the previous help getting my FAT32 partition to mount at 
All the talk on the list about partitions has created some more 
questions though...

I'm curious what you think would be the best way to set up my mount points.
I currently have a dual boot Win2K and Redhat Linux installation.
My drive has three partitions:
A 5 Gig NTFS for the Win2K OS,
A 5 Gig NFS for Linux,
and a 20 Gig FAT32 for Win2K applications and data files.

I use the FAT32 to install all my applications and any data files I want 
in Windows. The original intention was to be able to reformat and 
reinstall the Windows without wiping out my non OS files. It is FAT32 
because when I set up the system FAT32 was all Mandrake supported, but 
it looks like my RedHat can see the NTFS partition now as well.

Anyway, as I use Linux more and more I am beginning to want more space 
on the Linux partition to install applications. Being new to *nix I'm 
not an expert at the file tree, but it seems that all my applications 
are installing under /usr or /usr/local.

What I'd like to do is just mount the FAT32 partition to the /usr 
directory, which (I think) would effectively give me 20 Gig more space 
to install applications.
My question is: is this a good way to do this or is it an ugly hack?
Will FAT32's lack of NFS permissions hurt any of the installed 
It obviously lowers the security of the Linux install, and managing 
multiple users executable permissions would be more difficult. But it is 
a home computer and I'm not too concerned about other user's privileges 
(perhaps I should be though).
Also, if I did this, should I reformat the partition into NTFS instead 
of FAT32? I'm concerned about access speed to the drive through Linux. 
I'd like to start running more games out of Linux and would like the 
fastest format possible, understanding that it can't be NFS b/c I still 
need to boot to Windows periodically.

Well, thanks in advance for the discussion
Hamlet D'Arcy
hbdarcy at stthomas.edu