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Re: CF: BUG in spell_effect.c?

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Mark Wedel wrote:

> On Oct 8, 11:13pm, Florian Beck wrote:
> > Subject: CF: BUG in spell_effect.c?
> >
> >
> > I've just compiled CF with SPELL_FAILURE_EFFECTS defined.
> >
> > Didn't work: I had to change "server/spell_effect.c" line 52:
> >      cast_cone(op,0,10,SP_WOW,spellarch[SP_WOW],0);
> > to
> >      cast_cone(op,op,0,10,SP_WOW,spellarch[SP_WOW],0);
> >
> > A bug? Or is SPELL_FAILURE_EFFECTS not supportet anymore?
>  Its a bug.  It is not really easy for me to compile the game with all possible
> options, so some things slip by.

So is the fix valid, or might there be an unexpected side effect?
> >
> >
> > BTW, while SPELL_FAILURE_EFFECTS is annoying for heavily encumbered
> > low-level characters, it has MUCH less impact on gameplay than I had
> > expected. Considering the only fault of CF (it's too easy),
> > SPELL_FAILURE_EFFECTS seem a good idea to make the game a bit harder.
> > E.g: Failure effects when a low level/badly injured/confued character
> > casts a (high level) spell.

Agreed.  Perhaps some code to beef up the monsters a bit as level
increases(to some preset maximum), would work.  I know that it's fairly
easy for a low level char to get up in levels fairly quickly if you know
the right places to go.  Would be nice to see even orcs stay a challenge
to a level 3 character when you are wandering around looking for more
things to kill without too high a risk.

> > AND: The failure effects are quite wimpy. Not in the beginning;
> > but a mana blast is not much of a problem for a mid/high level
> > character. I tried to cast a spell whle carryinf a very heavy weapon:

I agree here, mana blast SHOULD perhaps do more a percentage of damage
than a fixed amount.

> > >Oh, a wyvern! Icebolt!
>  I don't know if the failure uses the same type of code when you mess a scroll
> (would make some sense if it does), but I have seldom seen a scroll failur
> actually have a harmful effect to the player (any cone spell goes outward, so
> he is not hit, etc.)

I've hit some nasty scroll failure effects on occasion, and didn't notice
where it came from for a week.  Turned out that a failure effect
disenchanted my sword from a +7, and it wouldn't let me re-prepare it so I
could charge it back up again.  Definately not fun when you have a 5th
level Wizard with no weapon worth talking about. ;)

>  It might make sense to have a list of 'failure effects' that happen instead of
> randomly choosing a spell.  Certainly, if you mess up a spell, and a detection
> spell is cost instead, that is no big deal. (as a side note, if you flub a
> spell, and it turns into something that kills the monsters, I don't think you
> should get exp for that - not sure if you do right now, however.)
>  But a short list of bad spells could be any of the ball spells, detonated on
> the player, maybe ball lightning (might hit the player instead of others), etc.
> -- 
>  --Mark