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Running my crossfire gives me coredumps

     When starting up my crossfire I get these messages 
     Starting Crossfire Tue Oct  8 18:44:39 MET DST 1996 for the 8 time...
     Welcome to CrossFire, v0.92.7
     Copyright (C) 1994 Mark Wedel.
     Copyright (C) 1992 Frank Tore Johansen.
     Opening add user socket on 13326
     Waiting for connections...
     Adding socket 5 from
     socket[anon5]: version
     socket[anon5]: listen 0
     socket[anon5]: name ivi2146
     socket[ivi2146]: set pixmaps
     socket[ivi2146]: add
     Reading artifacts...
     Resetting race to undead from skeleton for archetype generate_skeleton
     Resetting race to undead from skull for archetype generate_skull
     Resetting race to undead from skeleton for archetype skeleton
     Resetting race to giant from chaos for archetype cyclops
     Resetting race to dwarf from sylvan for archetype gnome
     Resetting race to insect from xan for archetype xan
     Initializing reading data...
     Can't open /home/ivi2146/crossfire/lib/bookarch
     init_mon_info() got 142 monsters
     Reading alchemical formulae...Trying to load 
     load_original_map: /city/city
     Then I get a core dump when I try to read any expensive scroll[!].
     And if you look at the log file it sez: 
     Can't open /home/ivi2146/crossfire/lib/bookarch
     I can't find that file anywhere!
     Can you please mail me one if I should have one (for the v0.92.7), or 
     do you want more info (like the core dump)?
     Ian Vitek
     PS: THANKS for your help last time  :D