Is this just a curiosity thing? or is there a concern that some devices are
acting improperly? I know that many devices check for updates overnight --
and this is not limited to just application updates -- but includes some
config file updates. Many ONT/cable modems/etc and even cell phones will
periodically pull down a new config for things like
routes/towers/limits/etc -- but these should be a relatively small 'spike'.
In the case of these sorts of connections, your *best* case is that when
you come back from airplane mode these updates are fetched quietly -- or in
a worse case, not at all.

I know that some older cell phones (one LG model did around 2008ish, at
least, and I have reason to believe that the MVNO Republic Wireless does
this currently) maintained a list of roaming/non-roaming cell towers and if
you a) had roaming turned off, b) had the cell phone for more than a couple
of years, and c) it had issues getting this list updated it would refuse to
connect. It was unaware that Tower X1F003B was non-roaming, and would
refuse to connect to it, even though you had good, strong signals. The
solution with these devices is to manually force them to pull a new list
down and suddenly they work MUCH better.  This said I am not a cell phone
technology expert, and I am just blindly repeating what I have been told by
two different vendors regarding why I needed to force update the internal
tower configs on multiple phones to get them to connect -- and now, when my
wife's Republic Wireless phone acts up, the first thing I do is to pull the
'new towers list' and things start working again....

On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 6:49 AM o1bigtenor <o1bigtenor at> wrote:

> Greetings
> I have started monitoring, in a gross kind of way, my internet usage
> starting by using the 24hr graph on my router software (opensource).
> So I'm seeing traffic happening in the middle of the night that is
> arriving to the mobile equipment, tablet and stupid phone. That
> needless use of
> bandwidth was curtailed by putting said items on airplane mode for
> overnight.
> Now I am also seeing small spikes of incoming traffic about 3x every 2
> hours and I'd like to find out where that traffic is coming from and ,
> if I don't like who's doing the sending, to curtail it. If tried short
> stints of using vnstat, nethogs and iftop but am not seeing anything
> that I think will help me in my quest.
> Any suggestions from those that have done or are doing this?
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