Call me crazy, but I think that the best Gnu+Linux Operating Systems are
the ones that respect your freedom(s) the most. The Free Software
Foundation created some guidelines on this matter here:

Here's a list of distros that the FSF has official certified to meet the
criteria laid out in the guidelines:

I use Trisquel the most out of that list. Guix, Parabola, PureOS, and
Hyperbola are all great as well. The others are not as user friendly or
aren't updated regularly. PureOS (a fork of Debian) and Trisquel (a fork
of Ubuntu) are the most user friendly for people that are new to
Gnu+Linux. Parabola nad Hyperbola are based on Arch, which is a little
bit more advanced, but not super hard to learn if you put effort into it.

I personally volunteer on a non-GNU system called Replicant that also
meets the FSDG criteria:

I assume that most people on this list don't use Gnu because this is the
TCLUG group and not a TCGLUG group. ::winky face::

Sorry to all the potential haters that don't want to emphasize freedom
in computing, but instead want to shill for Oracle and similar
oppression oriented distos.

In Freedom,