Not to belabor the issue, but after checking Konqueror and Seamonkey, 
yes both open file browsers with "SaveAs." I don't think I've yet 
trained Seamonkey to directly open pdfs in Okular.

One thing I currently like about Seamonkey is the associated email 
client (with spell checker!!!). My wife and kids all live on their 
finger computers (smart phones). And when they send me pictures and 
videos I can easily open them in a browser window and shrink them down 
from their huge size.

Those new finger computers can take good pictures. But they don't come 
close to capturing a beautiful full moon and stars at night. Today's 
know it alls think they have it all figured out.

o1bigtenor wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 12:01 AM Rick Engebretson <eng at> wrote:
>> I can also suggest the KDE browser Konqueror. But like all of KDE, a
>> little over-powering. IIRC, it also opens a file browser for saving
>> files to wherever. Sometimes the double mouse click GTK browser
>> Seamonkey just gives me more time to think than the single mouse click KDE.
> Hmmmmmm - - - - I've already got Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Min and Qupzilla
> - - - not sure I want too many more specimens - - - grin!
> Regards
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