On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 11:38 PM Rick Engebretson <eng at pinenet.com> wrote:
> IIRC, Firefox browser isn't helpful telling you where your file is being
> saved, if I understand the issue.

Well - - - the default location is the 'Downloads' folder which isn't
usually, for me
at least, that useful. I tend to use the option of opening the pdf,
which happens in
'okular' and then I can save the file to where I wish.
> I mostly use the browser SeaMonkey, and it allows me to put the download
> file wherever I choose. Very nice browser. My online bank doesn't like
> it, but my credit card does, some videos don't do great, but ebay is
> great. I'm happy with it.
Useful - - - thanks.