> grub.conf is regenerated, and your mods lost, whenever a new kernel is
> installed.  i know, i hated it when i first started learning grub2.  your
> mods belong in /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/40_custom.  copy 40_custom
> to 07_custom and stuff in there will precede, and thus be what boots by
> default.  put in there entries which boot via the kernel and initrd in /,
> those softlinks are updated whenever a new kernel is installed.  then
> either regenerate grub.conf, or i confess i then edit the same mods into
> grub.conf as well, it's just plain far quicker.

I confess, I do not upgrade kernels often, and I do non of that automatically
as you are assuming. Manual everything, system map, etc, etc, and a new entry
in grub.conf all the time.

Yes, I should be /etc/default/grub-ing, but I do not.

> also if you're interested in how to boot multiple installs all from the
> same partition, just ask.

Dee needs to know how to do that. I do this all the time, with multiple OSs
and lots of tweaks.