I do know FreePascal ports to most common OSs, including Windows, Mac, 
and Linux. I was surprised their "lazarus" GUI IDE has so many downloads 
per week. You can compile from source to most "target" OSs from code. A 
ton of switches for the compiler. So I think if you have an algorithm, 
you can cross compile.

Iznogoud wrote:
> You are welcome; glad to shed some light on some things.
> Codeweavers is a great place to work, I am sure. Jeremy White (founder and
> possibly CEO) is a nice guy and I have met him. My understanding is that what
> other companies do not want to do with porting, they delegate (for pay) to
> them. An example is ImageLine, a company that makes software music sequencers
> and synthesizers. Their 'de facto" port of "FL Studio" to Linux and Mac is
> based on the Codeweavers' software "Crossover." They are just off 280 by the
> UofM campus.
> (So much good stuff in MN...)
> With WINE/Crossover, it almost makes no sense to build native Linux applications
> and simply make them for Windows. This way, one is almost guaranteed that it
> will run on Windows and Mac effortlessly.
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