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> Let's go one step further and prevent either a malicious, or
> "accidental" reboot by disabling the Ctrl-Alt-Del trap sequence.
> Could never understand why the default action is to reboot.  Or, more
> importantly, why this hasn't been disabled yet via upstream.

Let me go ahead and finish this up for Shawn; edit the initialization table
('vi /etc/inittab') to disable it.

My point is that this is a known security issue that can easily be fixed
via either removing upstream.  Or, by the various distro since ,they are
done differently based upon distro and service.  So, it is not necessarily
as simple as commenting it out of the /etc/inittab.

Yes, it is up to each admin to know these things.  But, why not just
disable it and have the option to enable?
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