> or the NSA..  with the compute power available to them today it'll take,
> what, maybe 3 days for them to break in to your crypt?

Yes. I am sure they have streamlined this process as much as possible. It was
said about 5 years ago that when it comes to the NSA we no longer measure the
"time" that it takes to break it but the "amount of money" that they are
willing to put after your data. If my data costs to them $1M, I am sure they
will put that time and resources into the task. But they, sure as Hell, not
going to get to them for free! ENCRYPT EVERYTHING!

> Heh, you don't even need a live CD, just interrupt grub, edit boot line and
> add init=/bin/bash and boot from there.

I have an entry in GRUB that s just that, for quick and dirty booting. That
is why I mount dm-crypt containers manually. I should also say, I sit at the
console when I mount those containers... every time.