Not sure what you mean by "comcast radio". I think we have 2 SSIDs, a 5. and a 2.4 on our Cisco XB3 -- and yeah, I think *many* devices are trying to get on the 5.0

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  I a real world situation never trust more than 2 or 3 devices on an AP. 
 I have three in my house - 6 phones, two computers, three wireless set-top boxes, etc... each of the fixed set-tops are on their own SSID (which are part of the group - not hidden or anything), the PCs use the 5GHz SSIDs (there are 2) and the phones go on the 2.4s that are available... we never have connection issues. But if you try to  do 1 single SSID and put them all on at once? Death by wifi.
 Even my high-end gear I sell and install (Xirrus) for my day job has limitations of 30 active users per radio without any special configurations out of the box. A single radio *could* support 100 devices if you tune it right but you don't have that type of option on consumer hardware, especially the free stuff you get from Comcast.
 Do you have to use the Comcast radio? Can you buy your own and plug that in instead?
 On 10/30/2014 10:21 AM, Olwe Bottorff wrote:
  I think we've whittled it down to there being too many devices trying to be on the system. Learned the modem will support up to 10 devices (7 realistically). Told also that we need another "access point". I'm guessing that means a whole 'nother modem/network. Is there any way around this? Signal strength boosting won't help, will it?  
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