For some time the 173.xx has been a standard on my computer that operates under Linux Mint Maya = 3.2.59 kernel.

I was upset because it was always being told to me that the 304.xx driver would work.

I was able to install the 304.116 - current <-------------finally

the reason behind my failures ----> was -not connecting another power plug to the card-

X server does not complain once again. 

It looks like the NVIDIA 6600GT <---------like support from the power supply 'when running the 304.xx driver. The 173.xx driver is more or less built for the 'mainline AGP <-----supported onboard power'

from the Motherboard.
Took a while since I am a noober to figure this out.

If you note the Nvidia website--. The reason was behind not being able to scroll fast like before with firefox 33.0-- etc. 

keep updating seems to slow down an older p4 machine.

thought I would spread the word that 'THE GEFORCE 6600GT' works fine with the 3.2.59 kernel = 304.116 drivers.

Thank you,

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