Hello linux gurus:

I am trying to set up the keyboard in Mint 17 to use with Emacs and
want bottom row keys right of the Fn key to be assigned to super, alt,
ctl, space, ctl, alt, super (with alt as meta).
xev won't trap the left windows key but raises a popup instead. I read
somewhere that ubuntu derivatives don't support xmodmap after version
13. Is that possible?  Who would have the authority to leave it out?
Anyway, is it possible to make that left windows key act as left alt
for all users, in both terminal and gui and to keep the definition
through suspend, hibernate, power off? There is supposed to be
something called halevt.xml that remaps keys directly as it gets them
from the kernel but I have nothing like that in /etc directory. The
mint repository has only hal-info as far as I can tell. Any ideas?