Interesting, i just goggled pcbsd and it is maintained by the ixsystems 
guys, the same guys who bring primary contributors to freenas. But I 
could swear freenas is built on freebsd. I teach the freenas classes :)


On 7/6/14, 3:15 PM, Samael Anon wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 10:04 PM, Andrew Berg 
> <aberg010 at <mailto:aberg010 at>> 
> wrote:
>     On 2014.07.05 16 <tel:2014.07.05%2016>:23, Brian Wood wrote:
>     > Then I ran startxfce4.  It brought up the desktop, but I can't
>     > move the mouse and it doesn't seem to take anything from
>     > the keyboard.   I read that Gnome wasn't very stable on
>     > FreeBSD.
>     Getting X up and running on vanilla FreeBSD can be a pain.
>     There's a page in the handbook that outlines how to get it
>     going, but it needs updating.
>     There is stuff going on right now to use newer Xorg and
>     KMS drivers for Intel and AMD integrated GPUs. It's
>     default on the -STABLE and -CURRENT branches, but
>     there's a package repo with stuff built for it that you can
>     use on -RELEASE if you want to try it:
>     In any case, if you want a nice desktop system with all
>     the ugliness worked out and where things will just work,
>     I recommend PC-BSD. They've done a bunch of work
>     to make a desktop environment just work. FWIW,
>     OpenBSD might be worth looking at too since they
>     have made desktop stuff more of a priority (and they
>     have their own fork of X in the base system).
>     GNOME 3 is full of linuxisms, so it's been a slow
>     process for non-Linux systems. PC-BSD and OpenBSD
>     have it working AFAIK.
>     FreeBSD does a lot of things very well, but desktop
>     bits have historically not been a huge priority.
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