On Tue, 03 Sep 2013, Michael Berkowski said:
> Me personally - I run Fedora 19 on campus daily and have a good stable
> wifi connection on UofM Secure using a RealTek RT2800 chipset in a little 
> USB dongle ($12 Panda Wireless). My machine's built-in Broadcom BCM4311 is flaky to say the
> least, but does sort of work about half the time (hence I use the dongle instead).
> My current kernel is 3.10.7, but I haven't had to do anything special to
> get UofM Secure connected in years (since around when that wiki page first
> turned up). It should be PEAP/MSCHAPv2 as you already know.

Oh, I forgot to mention - one of my colleagues tried out my realtek USB
wifi dongle on Ubuntu 13.04 but didn't have any better success than with
his built-in Intel wireless, so it seems not to be chipset related.  My
issue with my Broadcom chipset not working well is likely because Broadcom
chipsets never work well anywhere.

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