Hello all,

I installed Debian over the summer, replacing a Ubuntu install and now that
I'm back at school can't get on the Wifi under Linux. It works fine under

UMN has 3 WiFi networks:

UMN Public
UMN Secure

I have the same symptoms under all 3. I can connect to the network, I am
given an IP address and DNS servers, but I can't access anything. I tried
adding my own DNS server, but the results were the same. I was assigned an
IPv6 address and an IPv4 address, so I disabled IPv6 and the results were
the same.

When connected simple commands like "dig google.com", ping and traceroute
all fail.

UMN and UMN Public both have a click-through hotspot page where you enter
your un/password (for UMN) or enter a contact email address (UMN Public).
That hotspot page DOES come up, but submitting it results in a spinning
browser tab.

The UMN Secure page uses a PEAP authentication with a certificate. I set it
up following these instructions (
https://wiki.umn.edu/Main/UofMSecureWirelessViaUbuntu) and it is able to
connect successfully (IP address is assigned), but I get the same internet
access issues.

Any suggestions on things to try or instructions on how to debug this would
be appreciated.

Thank you,
Michael Moore
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