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> http://news.yahoo.com/early-look-windows-8-baffles-consumers-162627568--finance.html
> It looks like Microsoft hasn't learned from the controversies over
> Ubuntu's Unity interface and GNOME 3, both of which were intended to work
> on mobile devices but ended up alienating desktop users.  Given that the
> average Windows user is more averse to change than the average Linux user,
> I think Windows 8 will be a flop.
> The Unity and GNOME 3 controversies resulted in happy endings because of
> the diversity of the Linux world.  People who don't like GNOME 3 or the new
> Ubuntu have many great alternatives in the Linux universe (starting with
> Linux Mint and Mageia).  The Microsoft universe doesn't have this diversity.
> In my opinion, Windows Vista reminds me of the Chevrolet Vega.  I think
> Windows 8 will go down in history as the Microsoft version of the Chevrolet
> Citation (and its clones) and the Oldsmobile diesel engine.  GM bled away
> market share in the 1980s, and the same thing may be about to happen to
> Microsoft.

In windows-land, I'm very happy with Win 7 Pro.  Still not a place I like
doing development work for FOSS stuff, but for every-day stuff and gaming,
it's really quite good. I see Windows 8 as a potential Vista - the version
you don't want.  I also think Win 7 will be the new XP - in being the first
OS really capable of displacing XP, it will likely hang around in the
enterprise for a decade.

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