It looks like Microsoft hasn't learned from the controversies over Ubuntu's Unity interface and GNOME 3, both of which were intended to work on mobile devices but ended up alienating desktop users.  Given that the average Windows user is more averse to change than the average Linux user, I think Windows 8 will be a flop.

The Unity and GNOME 3 controversies resulted in happy endings because of the diversity of the Linux world.  People who don't like GNOME 3 or the new Ubuntu have many great alternatives in the Linux universe (starting with Linux Mint and Mageia).  The Microsoft universe doesn't have this diversity.

In my opinion, Windows Vista reminds me of the Chevrolet Vega.  I think Windows 8 will go down in history as the Microsoft version of the Chevrolet Citation (and its clones) and the Oldsmobile diesel engine.  GM bled away market share in the 1980s, and the same thing may be about to happen to Microsoft.

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