If you looking for a router/firewall setup I'm going to throw the Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro into the ring. Depending on how much horse power you need, and it has a 4 port gigabit with onboard PCI for any wireless card you would want to put into it. I am currently running it with two full powered cards G and 5Ghz N. And the 80$ price tag can't be ignored..or fleabay.



> Anyone used Soekris hardware under Linux recently?
> http://www.soekris.com/
> I remember quite a few years ago Ben Kochie had one that he brought to an
> installfest; and it looked pretty good, albeit expensive at the time.
> It's not cheap hardware; but it does have the advantage of compactness and
> no moving parts when compared to a recycled desktop or server machine.
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