On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 6:28 PM, Josh Paetzel <josh at tcbug.org> wrote:
> mini-ITX form factor atoms are really moving in on this space.  For $100
> cheaper than I could get a soekris 5501 I got a dual core 1.6 ghz atom, with
> dual gigE ethernet.  You can get very small mini-ITX cases that just use a 12
> volt power brick.  My system pulls 20 watts a idle, almost entirely due to the
> 2.5" laptop hard drive it has.

It's true.  The early Atoms had a less-than-impressive heat/power
profile, but they've improved that significantly in recent revisions,
so now I'm considering picking up one of these for a router system,
which is a fanless board with dual gigE:

 - Tony