I am building a file server that will store mostly raw images from my
digital camera (~ 8 to 11 MB in size) their associated metadata (6
kb) and my library of documents (mostly PDF) and I'm looking for some
tuning suggestions.

I will have 3x750Gb hard drives in RAID-5 plus a separate OS drive and
I plan to create a single md device out of the storage drive then
split it up with LVM then create XFS file systems for different types
of data.

I searched google for half a day and I'm getting preciously few hard
suggestions for my kind of setup.  Most folks have many more drives in
a hardware raid.  Others say to use the defaults, but last time when I
used the defaults I ended up with 64kb MD chunk sizes and 32 blocks
stripe width (instead of 128).

Should I worry about configuring the LVM block/extent sizes to match
the MD and XFS?

Any hints would be really appreciated!


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