On 11/29/05, Niels Gott <niels.gott at gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyone working on pvr projects?  I just got my mythTV set up working, and
> it's got some interesting quirks.  Curious if anyone has experience with it,
> or if there are other projects worth exploring.
>  Thanks,
>  Niels Gott
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I've been running MythTV on Ubuntu for quite some times.  I use it to
watch shows/movies I've downloaded as well as streaming video.  The
music player isn't great for it but if you have a bunch of pre-defined
playlists it's ok.

My television reception sucks and I'm too cheap for cable so I don't
use the PVR function but I can try to help with any quirks you're
having.  I've pounded through a few strange quirks myself.

Donovan Niesen