On Tuesday 29 November 2005 16:17, Thomas Johnson wrote:
> I'm trying to limit access to a web site of mine due to some abuse. I
> want to allow all connections, except those originating from a
> particular IP, which I want to require authentication from in order to
> access the site. I would block the IP address outright, but I have
> some legitimate users coming from it as well, I've tried the following
> with no success. Any ideas anybody has would be greatly appreciated.

You may be intending to use <Location>;  <Directory> is for an absolute 
filesystem path, and <Location> is for a URL.  I have a similar version 
working (mine allowing unauth for localhost, and require auth for others) 
using <Location>:

<Location /portal>
        AuthName        [Name]
        AuthType        Basic
        AuthUserFile    [htpasswd]
        Require         valid-user
        Order   allow,deny
        Allow from
        Satisfy         any
        Options -Indexes

I don't know if it even works for <Directory>.

Dave Carlson
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