On 11/28/05, G Scott Walters <gscottwalters at gmail.com> wrote:
> Happy Monday all, I'm a n00b to the list and have recently started using
> linux again at home and work.
> I've got Ubuntu (HH, 5.04) running on my laptop, and when after I
> installed and configured VPNC and attempt a connection I get the following
> error:
> vpnc: xauth packet unsupported: ATTRIBUTES_NOT_SUPPORTED
> So, how to I install xauth? It doesn't appear to be apt-gettable, but
> maybe I'm searching for the wrong package.

the xauth vpnc is talking about is different from the xauth in
xbase-clients (for X11 stuff).  XAUTH is an authentication type that
vpnc can be configured to use.  Read /usr/share/doc/vpnc/README for
some examples.  You might also want to talk to your Cisco VPN
administrator to be sure you have all the information you need.


Jay Kline