Check to be sure the device(s) can be exported to Ecuador!
If you get caught with a chip that can't be sent outside the USA you could have
a real problem. (department of homeland security)

Most computer parts come from non-US sources anyway, buy the parts in Ecuador
and help their economy.


Quoting Mike Miller <mbmiller at>:

> My wife is from Quito, Ecuador, and her (far from wealthy) parents,
> siblings and their kids still live there.  We would like to buy computers
> for them and I'm trying to come up with a good way to do this such that:
> (1) The computers will be respectable, current machines,
> (2) they won't cost too much money, and
> (3) shipping costs will be kept to a minimum.
> I will be going to Ecuador one of these days and I think I'll bring parts
> with me and assemble the machines there (probably 4 or 5 of them).  I'm
> hoping that I can buy main boards, drives and such here, but buy the cases
> and monitors in Quito.  I think I can fit the parts into a carry-on bag
> and thereby avoid any S/H costs.
> Any thoughts on that plan?
> The next issue is software.  I would love for them to run Linux or a dual
> boot system.  Everything has to be in Spanish.  Do all Linux OSs allow for
> Spanish language installations?  Same for Windows XP?
> If I could set them up with Linux only, they might not be happy.  Any
> views on this?  I think some of them would be fine -- email, web, word
> processing -- but the users who want to get into downloading photos from a
> digital camera or doing video editing might have some trouble.  What do
> you think?
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share.  I'm not sure when I'll
> actually do this, maybe this summer, but I wanted to start planning now.
> Best,
> Mike
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