On 11/15/05, Gerry <gsker at skerbitz.org> wrote:
> Preferences for what?
> You told what to not change the boot loader?
> There aren't configurations for the windows update are there?
> The Malicious Software Removal Tool runs in the background as far as I can
> tell...

I don't remember much about it. Only that the Malicious software finder
found a change on my boot sector and it asked if it was an expected change.
I clicked the button to say that it was, and haven't had any problems since

This was all in a pop-up window that appears on the right lower corner of
the screen. As to preferences, I'm speculating more than anything as I
haven't dug into it that far because it's just been working for me.

Sorry, don't have any other information I can offer you on that. Have you
googled for some info, or hit up SuSe's website?


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