Well I was a bonehead this weekend and trashed my server. I just use it
for personal e-mail and a tiny web site for me and my wife. I cooked a CPU
upgrade (mmmmm, hot chips!) and corrupted the hard drive enough so that
the system won't boot into runlevel 5, and it won't run for long in
runlevel 3.

But, I've moved the drive to an enclosure, and built a new FC4 server, and
most things are working.

Cyrus seems to be working as an IMAP4 server. SMTP sends mail out.

But, I can't seem to get a list of mail folders or create new ones
correctly. I've run reconstruct (the Cyrus db checker) with no help.

Thunderbird sends messages, but hangs at copying message to Sent folder.

Ideas for next steps are greatly appreciated.

Chris Schumann