On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, greg wm wrote:
> i'm ready to drop some $ for 2 simple servers, no m$ software, could be 
> custom built, could be stock metal.  general nanosystems seems good but 
> i haven't really become acquainted around town that much yet.

For work, we buy Dell.. the 4-hr warranty is nice (as long as you get a 
technician that trusts that you have reasonable hardware diagnostic 
skills, and that the part you say is dead is indeed dead -- if the tech is 
annoying, I usually just keep asking for supervisors/managers until I get 
someone that'll give me the replacement parts), and I don't trust myself 
to build 1u/2u servers with proper cooling. If you buy at the right time, 
with the right coupon codes (and/or a sales rep who likes you), you can 
get some killer deals.

For home, where I'm still tower servers, I just build 'em myself with 
parts from NewEgg. I've heard good things about MWave's builds - you pick 
the parts and they put it together for you.

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