Jeff Rasmussen wrote:
> Have you thought about hosting your video on Google's Video pages or on 
> the Internet Archive?  I believe both can work with copyrighted 
> information and both want to host independent videos.  The Internet 
> Archive ( is attempting to create 
> the biggest digital age 'library'.
> Google Video uses a form of VLC for streaming videos but the customer's 
> would have to install Google's client application.

so if on google video folks would need a special client from google, but 
no such for Internet Archive?

if we then mentioned it in our eNewsletter (15000 eSubscribers), would 
Internet Archive's bandwidth be likely to cope with the number of folks 
that might want to go see it?

right now what we've got is a 10min DVD.  what kind of online formats 
should i consider converting that into?

similar question for audio formats, we've also got a 10min audio 
interview, which could perhaps go on our own site, or perhaps


Greg Whitley Mott
IT Coordinator