On 11/1/05, Sam Martin <s.earl.martin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there an easy way to intercept mouse-click events before they hit
> the window manager?

No. X Spec only allows one window to receive a button press event.

What I'm really after is a visual indicator that the mouse was
> clicked, preferably something relatively unobtrusive, like a slight
> cursor change. I'd like to have a solution that doesn't depend on any
> given window manager, since I'm always playing around in different
> ones. My target box is running Ubuntu, so something already sitting
> in the apt repositories would be ideal.

Are you after something to work outside of kmousetool, or just in
conjunction with it? If you want it to work with it, the simplest thing
would be to get kmousetool to use the kde system bell or some similar

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