I need some examples so I can present a strong case for OpenOffice.  We're
stuck netween a rock and a hard place, and OpenOffice might save us.  That
is, if I can get the PHBs to listen.  Whenever I say "linux", they say
"no", before they've even heard what I have to say.  They assume that 
free == crap.

I had been thinking about raising the issue with PHBs, but I feared a
solid "no" when I said the word "open".  Then this morning, someone in our
department comes up to me and asks me if I've ever heard of
OpenOffice.  Her husband uses it religiously, and supposedly he's heard of
governements and huge businesses switching to it like mad.

So, what I need are examples.  Who here uses OpenOffice in a corporate
environment?  Who thinks OpenOffice is a worthless piece of crap?  I need
to hear both sides so I can present a clear case in all directions.