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CF: Re: experience gain in CF (too easy)

> From: Florian Beck writes:
> Michael Martin wrote:
> > IMHO, making monsters more powerful is not necessary.  The real problem is
> > that players can become way too powerful.  For example, I once had a
> Agreed - at least it's too easy.

	Some time before this tread started I sent in a patch for the 
	experience gain. Back in the pre-skills CF (0.91.7?, yeesh!)
	you would *not* get the full experience from a monster if that
	monster would give you more experience than you currently had (!).

	In the skills implementation, there are *no* brakes (so to speak).
	The patch addresses that. But rather than just adopt the old
	system again (I believe you were awarded 1/2 of the monster's exp
	if its orignal exp value exceed your current expience) I thought
	it would make more playbalance/sense to limit the experience gain
	to *no greater than* 1/2 the experience difference between your
	present level and the next one. For example, you are 1st level
	(exp 512) and you kill (for arguments sake) a Jessy. You dont get
	awarded 2 million exp!, instead, you get 500 exp [ie (1000 - 0)/2 ].
	In a philosophical sense, you can only learn so fast, AND, if you
	do manage to kill something way more powerfull than you, its either
	because of a flaw in a map (shame!) and/or luck! Just killing a 
	Jessy *once* cant possibly teach a fighter/mage/whatever their 
	trade all the way up to 15th level in an instant!