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Reading some scrolls makes a core dump... :(

     I LOVE this game. (but)
     When I read scroll of enchant armor the came core dumps...(!).
     (It have also happend when I read a armor-lightening scroll and some 
     other scrolls)
     Have you heard about this or do you need more information?
     I had a problem in my log file that was it couldn't find the bookarch 
     file in my lib directory (siud-bit [+s] was set for user&group for 
     crossclient, crossfire and crossloop). When I 'touch bookarch' in the 
     lib directory the error message is gone (in the log file), but the 
     core dumps is still there.
     I am running the "CrossFire, v0.92.7" on a Solaris 2.5 .
     //Ian Vitek
     PS: I hope that it is a bug and that I have not done any....  :)