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Re: CF: Jumping bug

> Rauli Ruohonen writes:
> There is a bug in jumping code (or is the bug in monster code, if 
> monsters shouldn't jump?), which crashes crossfire with SIGSEGV.
> There is a line in attempt_jump(object *pl), which uses pl->contr->something,
> and with monsters pl->contr==NULL.. Sometimes it crashes in draw(), which
> is called by stop_jump(). I think that monsters shouldn't jump at all 
> (what use is it to them?), so I made the following patch:
> [snip]

	The contr is a player specific addon that monsters never
	have. As you point out, for monsters its always a NULL pointer.

	Monsters would find jumping usefull as a means to escape
	players or to damage them. Sadly, under the current monster
	AI, no monster is smart enough to use this skill well. I 
	think for the time being your patch is the correct way to